Million Miles

Imagine Driving Your Car For One Million Miles. It Would Take Forever!

In 1990 Mobil™ conducted an extraordinary experiment with Mobil 1™ - the Million Miles Test. At Mobil's research center in the United States, a new BMW 325i, with a 2.5ltr in line 6 cylinder engine, was filled with Mobil 1, and then run continuously day and night for the next four years - stopping only for routine maintenance and servicing.

The BMW spent four years on the treadmill, 24 hours a day, mostly at 85 miles an hour but with varied speeds - down as low as 45 miles an hour to simulate everyday driving.

After the equivalent of a million miles of hard driving, the engine was stripped and examined. What they found was astonishing: there was no sign of any significant wear. Not only was the engine still in excellent working order, most parts were still within BMW's tolerance for a new engine!

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Million miles BMW

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